martedì 2 settembre 2008

Subscription for the Republic of Malu Entu

To go there is better to arrive on the early morning, the boat boarding for the new independent republic of Malu Entu, is by Isidoro commander, in the porticciolo of Putzu Idu, a small village of the municipality of Cabras, in Sardinia. The new independent state has been proclamed since 1978, but with the arrest of the group of indipendentisti of the indipendentist party “Par.I.S” partidu indipendentista sardu. The Italian state, thought at the height of the peak season of the so called “years of lead” . Said that was having then to face dangerous subversives of both extreme wings. In that period, where the right and left extremists talked nonsense, they killed and they robbed the banks, the post offices and the stores in order to finance their sad objectives. In Sardinia where the terrorism had not taken root, because the bad grass can not grow here, as the sardinians say “sa erba mala not cresciri innoi”, but the government of that time, the same of the so called “historical political compromise”, will do nothing in order to save the head of the main political party “Democrazia Cristiana”, seized and killed by the red brigatisti. But at the same time was worried for somebody who was only asking for justice and freedom for sardinians, they sentenced to nine years of jail “Doddore Meloni”, the actual President of the independent Republic of Malu Entu. Continuing on his action today he has confirmed the independence of this island distant 6 nautical miles from the Sardinia coast, with a square size of 80 hectares, and a history that starts from the neolithic age, to the nuragical and the the Middle Age. There is now a law claim for the right of “usucapione”, against a more virtual than real owner, a English man who has received in inheritance the island from his father, that has never carried out any activity of owner of the island, that has been considered by Sardinia regional governement one part of the “Marine protected Area of the peninsula of the Sinis and Mal di Ventre, wich is a very bad Italian translation of the historical “Malu Entu” that translated is “bad wind”, not “stomach pain” as the “colonizators of Sardinia who arrived more or less 150 years a go, the piedmontesis” made the wrong translation in Mal di Ventre. Mr. Miller the english owner, he wants to sell the island, which can not be built up, to an association, it seems of American nudist . The sale for two million euro has been proposed to the Sardinian Regional governement. Besides the usucapione right, we of the Sardinian association “Patria Sarda Terra e Populu”, we propose an international subscription in order to prevent the privatization of the island.

Small contributions can be send to this bank account:

IBAN IT 82B0836285620000000012520



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Hello! Russia Today TV is filming a report about the island of Mal di Ventre that was declared independent in August, and the veteran activist Salvatore Meloni. Our filming crew will arrive in Mal di Ventre early next week. Can we meet with Mr. Meloni? Please contact Tanya at